Distributor 3-step Verification Checklist

How to Spot the Best Suppliers

Finding wholesale distributors for your Amazon business shouldn’t be difficult. People love to over complicate the process. At the end of the day, a supplier only needs to meet 3 criteria:

They must be primarily B2B

The best suppliers only sell B2B (business to business). If they sell to consumers chances are their pricing will be higher than strictly B2B suppliers.

They must carry brandname products that are already selling well on Amazon

Most suppliers will list their brands on their website. Search a few of these brands on Amazon and make sure people are already buying them.

They must sell to retailers

A supplier doesn’t have to ONLY sell to retailers, but retailers should be one of their main customer types. A B2B supplier that carries brandname products won’t work if they only sell to hospitals, for example.

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