The 3-Step Guide to 10x Your Business with Virtual Assistants

Want to 10x your business?

Hire a virtual assistant.

Don’t know how? Here’s the 60-second crash course:

Our 7-figure Amazon wholesale business is run entirely by Filippino virtual assistants.

Here’s how we found them.

1) Post a job on

This is the best place to find top-tier Filippino virtual employees.

Post a job with multiple disqualifiers:

-ask for a 30 second voice sample
-ask for a screenshot of internet speed

Place this sentence midway through the post:

“If you’ve read this far, include the word banana in the subject of your reply.”

This will eliminate 80-90% of applicants.

You’re left with competent people who want the job.

2) Batch interviews

Set up a Calendly account.

Use Calendly to let candidates choose a 15-min interview slot.

Batch all interviews into a 3-hour window.

Make a shortlist of the top 3-5 candidates.

3) Trial offer

Choose your favorite candidate and extend a “trial offer.”

Trial offer = 2 week trial to see if they’re a good fit.

If they’re not, pay them for their time and part ways.

Then extend the trial offer to your next favorite candidate.

We’ve used this method to hire 30+ virtual employees over a 5 year period.

It works.

What’s your top tip for hiring virtual talent?

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