Debunking Dave Ramsey: How I Spent $1,500,000 on Credit Cards and Thrived

credit cards and dave ramsey

I spent $1,500,000 on credit cards this year.

Here’s why Dave Ramsey is dead wrong about credit cards:

We spend over $2M per year on inventory for our Amazon business.

It puts over $40k cash back in my pocket.

Every cent goes on a credit card.

Dave Ramsey would be pissed.

Here’s why it’s a smart idea:

Each month we pay the balance in full.

If we don’t have the cash to pay it off, we don’t spend the money.

The 2 best credit cards I recommend:

1) Capital One Spark

2) American Express Platinum

1) Capital One Spark

Spark offers 2% cash back on all purchases.

-not limited to certain categories
-unlimited cash back
-withdraw at any time

We routinely spend $50k+ on a single purchase.

That’s an immediate $1k+ cashback that I can withdraw at will.

2) Amex Platinum

This card has an expensive annual fee ($695).

But if you like to travel, the perks are worth it.

Things like:

-Uber credits
-in-flight wifi credits
-airport lounge access
-discounts on travel bookings

+ more

My strategy:

I use cashback from the Spark card as a bonus for myself.

I use the Amex points to travel for free.

If your business is capital intensive, you need a credit card strategy.

Without one you’re leaving thousands on the table.

Which credit card is your favorite?

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