Mastering Purchase Orders: How I Submitted $72,720 in 7 Days (and You Can Too)

I submitted $72,720 in purchase orders in the last 7 days.

3 critical mistakes sellers make when submitting POs (and how to fix them):

1) You’re sending then in an email

You should never send POs in the body of an email.

Quick way to cause confusion.

Your supplier may even ignore the order altogther.

Instead, send the order as a PDF attachment.

Not an excel, not a word doc.

A professional, templated PDF.

(I have a free template you can download at the end of this post)

2) Your PO looks generic

Using a solid template is the first step.

Next step is personalizing it to fit your company branding.

Make sure:

-your logo is on the order
-bill-to and ship-to are accurate
-contact info is visible

This helps suppliers easily distinguish your orders from everyone else.

3) You’re taking too long

You finally agreed with your supplier on price?

You need to act fast.

A sense of urgency is one of the most underrated skills in business.

Get the PO in their hands immediately.

Most sellers drag their feet.

Acting with urgency:

-shows you’re serious
-establishes credibility
-makes them want to do more business with you

This is an EASY way to stand out.


Need a professional-looking PO template?

Get the exact one we use to spend millions per year (free download):

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