The Blueprint for Amazon Success: Insights from a Former $70M Seller, Scott Needham

I sat down with (former) $70M per year wholesale seller Scott Needham

His company BuyBoxer was a top 10 Amazon seller (in the world).

This is what I learned:

BuyBoxer started in the basement of his brother’s bookstore.

They eventually scaled to 100+ employees and 120,000 SKUs.

Scott said there were 3 keys to their success.

1) Keep it simple

BuyBoxer grew to a peak of 120,000 unique products in stock.

As you can imagine, it was a nightmare to manage.

They trimmed their catalog down to 50,000 SKUs.

Scott said he’d prefer a business with 500 quality SKUs.

Quality > Quantity when it comes to number of SKUs.

2) Efficiency scales

When you’re processing 100,000+ orders per year, small improvements add up.

BuyBoxer incentivized their employees to improve key metrics.

They knew that a few seconds saved here and a dollar saved there adds up.

To the tune of hundreds of thousands per year.

3) Go niche

At its peak, BuyBoxer was the number 1 seller in the Arts & Crafts category.

They focused on a niche and dominated.

Scott recommended sellers focus on a niche and master it.

The example he used was hunting.

How many Amazon sellers truly know the hunting niche inside and out?

He claimed that anyone who did would crush it.

Take that same mindset and apply it to a niche.


You can catch the full interview with Scott on The Amazon Wholesale Podcast.

Check it out:

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