Unveiling the Dark Side of Amazon FBA: 3 Business Killers You Shouldn’t Ignore

Amazon FBA is one of the biggest opportunities of our time.

But no one talks about the dark side of selling on Amazon.

If you want to kill your business:

Don’t pay attention to these 3 things.

1) Leakage

What do I mean by leakage?

Those little expenses here and there that add up.

Things like:

-removal fees
-inbound shipment error fees
-excess storage fees
-stale inventory

The list goes on.

Amazon wholesale is a thin-margin business.

Keep your leakage to a minimum.

These fees will eat you alive, killing your profit.

2) Poor cash flow

Cash flow is the name of the game when it comes to Amazon wholesale.

You simply can’t afford to sit on product for long.

A quote I recently heard that sums this up:

“Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, cash flow is king.”

Profitable businesses fail all the time.

You don’t go bankrupt from lack of profit.

You go bankrupt from lack of cash.

3) Breaking terms of service

This is the quickest way to drive your Amazon business into the grave.

Break TOS and you’re done.

Amazon will hold your cash and you may never get it back.

Play by the rules.

If you don’t, you’re risking everything.


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